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This webpage presents the history, leadership and current focus of Technology Coordinators, LLC highlighting recent positive outcomes of advocacy services provided to Casa Grande Union High School District, Lake Havasu Unified School District and the City of Sedona.

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Technology Coordinators, LLC (TC) was founded in 1999 by Ed Schaffer who had been serving as an advocate for the public sector since 1987 establishing a reputation of serving the best interests of schools and their communities.  Under his leadership, TC helped develop “Time of Use” rate plans for schools served by Arizona Public Service and UniSource Energy Services companies.  As its core advocacy offering, TC conducted extensive electric, gas, water, sewer, refuse and master meter pipeline safety surveys for school Excess Utility Reports, which were utilized for ARS §15‑910.03 and Arizona Corporation Commission regulatory compliance. Today, TC is led by Rick Romain who originally joined the team in 2009 due to his unparalleled experience in the Arizona solar industry.  That experience originated in 1982 when he founded So‑Luminaire Electronics, Incorporated (SEI) which developed and manufactured advanced technology energy generation, utilization, conversion and management products.  Covered by several U.S. patents, SEI’s products were delivered to alternative energy markets for commercial, schools, government and residential consumers.  Experienced with all energy investment stakeholder concerns representing developer, owner and customer, TC advocacy identifies opportunities to bring these interests together in a symbiotic relationship to deliver superior results for schools in Arizona.  Most recently, TC is leading efforts to rescue existing, under-performing projects with the same philosophy.  Subsequently, TC reports and analysis are becoming recognized standards for the industry. As a result of TC advocacy in whole or in part, Casa Grande Union High School District identified a significant shortfall of economic performance with their 3rd Party Solar Service Agreement (SSA) and successfully obtained a settlement with their SSA provider, Constellation Solar Arizona LLC.  As part of the settlement in January 2019, Constellation Solar agreed to rebate $250,000 for the approximately 5 years of solar power transactions per the SSA to date and would continue to rebate $50,000 every year thereafter while the SSA remains in effect, which has a 20 year term.  Likewise, TC advocacy helped the City of Sedona identify a significant shortfall with their 3rd Party SSA, which resulted in Sun Edison Government Solutions paying $375,000 to settle a suit filed by the City of Sedona in the Yavapai Superior Court of Arizona.  On the opposite side of the ownership model, TC advocacy helped the Lake Havasu Unified School District design, finance, construct, commission and operate four grid-tied solar photovoltaic cogeneration plants since 2013 that continue to meet or exceed economic performance expectations. Technology Coordinators commitment to personalized unparalleled energy investment and technology advocacy is indeed second to none.  Give us a call today to see how we can help you with your success!


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